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Which currency do you use on the website?
Our products are listed in usd.
How do I pay for my order?
We provide a safe way to shop and accept payment by paypal, credit card, debit card or visa. So you can choose the one that suits you best. All products are listed in us dollars.
How do I place an order?
Select the product you want to buy and press the add to cart button. Then complete the checkout process (delivery address and billing information) and complete your order.
Our price guarantee!
Sometimes other competitive stores sell similar products at cheap prices to weaken the market. Usually, this may be risky for customers, because the profit margin of the store is small and can not ensure high quality packaging and safe transportation. However, we are committed to providing you with preferential prices.
Buy for others?

Make sure to send your shipping details to that person. We will always ship the details you submitted in the shipping section. If the shipping details you provided at the time of your order are incorrect, please email us immediately through the service@hapyspace.com. Unfortunately, if we have processed the order and shipped it, we will be powerless, so please be careful to enter the correct shipping information.
Shipping and tracking orders
How long does the transportation take?
Transportation usually takes 11 to 18 working days, depending on the mode of transportation you choose on the checkout page.
Natural disasters, holidays, postal peak, weather and other accidents may also affect delivery time. Although we can not guarantee the exact delivery time of your order, we have a dedicated team of customer service experts dedicated to delivering your package to you as soon as possible. Contact us for more information: service@hapyspace.com
Why is my tracking number not working?
After issuing the tracking number, your package will enter the postal system, which means it will be sent to you. Your tracking data usually takes 3 working days to start showing on the tracking website, so please don’t worry if there is no data available immediately.
Do you deliver goods globally?
We provide international transportation globally, but most of our customers are located in the united states.
How do you ship?
We ship overseas orders abroad through the most popular and trusted mail service. After processing your order, we will send it to the freight company for full processing. Upon arrival in your country / region, it will be handled by the postal department of your country / region. So please contact your local post after arriving in your country/region.
How do I track my order?

You can track your order via https://www.17track.net/en or https://tools.usps.com/go/trackconfirmaction_input
When will show my tracking information?
After receiving the tracking number / id, you should see the tracking event within 48-72 hours. The reason for the time delay is that in most cases, the first tracking event will occur only after the goods are handed over to us, that is, once the goods leave the fulfillment center of your online store.
Why is my shipping status unchanged?
Your shipment may be delayed. The delay in delivery time may be due to weather events, customs or backlog. Please note that tracking information can be displayed after your order starts shipping.
Refunds and cancellations
We attach great importance to refund requirements and are proud to have 5 star customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, please read our refund policy carefully and contact us.
We will process the order within 1 working day after receiving the order. If you have sent us a cancellation request by email during this, then we will be able to cancel your order. If you do not, then sorry, your order has been processed and will be sent to you directly.
Can’t find what you want?
Please send email to service@hapyspace.com, we will contact you within 24 hours.